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Get Acquainted / Set Goals and Expectations

My initial approach is to listen to your story, get to know you and your product, find out what it is you need or envision. We need to determine who your target audience is, and any timelines and deadlines. As part of this first phase, I like to take a look at your existing branding, if any, and learn what elements work for you, and what doesn't. It is helpful to me if you have examples of things that appeal to you and/or that you don't like. When I have a good idea of the scope of your project, I will write up a summary of what I think we need to accomplish, and an estimate for my time and charges. Depending on the nature of your project, a contract may need to be signed.


Research / Collect / Create / Refine

Next, I like to do a little research and get a feeling for your market sector and what similar businesses look like. We would collect all the necessary ingredients for your project, such as photos, logos, fonts, text, and specifications (such as quantities, sizes, colors, etc.). I will get to work on coming up with a few potential solutions and review them with you. Based upon your reaction and any other imput and corrections, I would adjust, refine, or expand upon what we have created until we have something that works for you. If you need help finding and dealing with a printer, writer, editor, or signmaker, I can assist with that, as well.



From beginning to completion of your project, I will do my best to work with sensitivity to your concerns, pay careful attention to accuracy and details, provide creativity and fresh ideas, and make the whole process as stress-free as possible. When done, you will receive copies of all digital files. Depending on the size of your project, I will either submit invoices in stages throughout the work, or just upon completion.




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