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After studying biology and graphic design at the University of California, Santa Cruz, I began working as a designer for a small printing business in the San Francisco Bay area. There I learned the essentials of creating press-ready art and managed printing jobs for a wide variety of clients.


Loving nature and outdoor activities, I was drawn to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and relocated to the Seattle area. I began doing freelance and temporary in-house graphics assignments, and spent four years producing technical graphics for a number of engineering and environmental consulting companies. I moved on to take a position as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator for the University of Washington. Six years were spent on the Seattle campus, creating all kinds of communication and educational materials, primarily for the Health Sciences complex. I then transfered to the Bothell branch campus and spent four years creating marketing, recruitment, and development materials.


In January of 2007, I started my own business as North Creek Design, named after a creek that runs through the city in which I live. My husband is a wildlife biologist and photographer, and these are his photos that provide the masthead banners for my website. We have a rapidly growing, teenaged son and a very affectionate beagle dog.




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