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uwb 03-04 annual report


UW Bothell Annual Report 03/04


In the 03/04 report we focused on the teaching staff by highlighting a professor, and his or her research, from each department. Alan Wood, on the right, is an expert in Chinese history, so I captured a character from the scroll on his office wall and screened it back behind the text. The other inside page contains statistics about the student body. Some information is best presented in table format, some in a bar or line graph, and some in a simple list, all of which I generated from raw data.

uwb 04-05 annual report


UW Bothell Annual Report 04/05


In the 04/05 report, each 2-page spread focused on the work of students from a particular department. In this example, the Business Administration students helped with marketing research for the Bellevue Farmers Market, so I added original illustrations of fruits and vegetables in the background.


Harborview Trauma Report



Harborview Trauma Report 2001


Harborview's Trauma Report to the Community in 2001 contained four personal vignettes of successfully treated trauma cases, as well as many sidebars, charts, and graphs full of information regarding the Center's operations. I gave the statistics more visual appeal by combining them with the poignant photography of Susie Fitzhugh. The entire publication was printed as a 3-color piece and the photographs were all treated as duotones.





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