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Northwestern Naturalist


This illustration was created in the artistic style of the Native American coastal tribes of the Pacific Northwest. Four vertebrate species are represented; a bird, mammal, reptile, and amphibian. The composition serves as front cover art for the Northwestern Naturalist, a scientific journal of the Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology. The image has also been applied to mugs, drinking glasses, and shirts, and embroidered on vests.








Genetic Testing Illustration

Genetic Testing


This editorial illustration accompanied an article dealing with the controversial aspects of genetic testing and how the practice can affect privacy rights, civil liberties, and social issues. The drawing I created is meant to convey strands of DNA entangling and shackling the human form. (Washington Public Health, Vol. 17, Fall 2000).

Chilifest Award Art

Chilifest Award Art


Each of these cartoons was drawn to be printed on award certificates and aprons, and presented as a prize to the winner of each category in a community Chili cook-off event. As you can probably guess, the "Burnt Spoon" went to the hottest chili, "Mr. Meaty" to the tastiest of the meatiest chilis, and the "Green Bean" award went to the best vegetarian recipe.


HoDOTMP and bone




Created for use in a slide presentation, this diagram illustrates the interaction of a radio-labeled compound in skeletal targeted radiotherapy.


Life's Better When You're Not Worried About Healthcare


UW Physicians


This caricature of two mall-walking ladies was meant to target seniors with a positive message about an active and healthy lifestyle.


handwriting positions


Handwriting Positions


This group of sketches was one of many illustrations done for a textbook used by occupational therapy students.


Native American Style Art


JMIH Meeting, 2009


This is another example of illustrations based on the Northwest Coastal Native style. The challenge here was that the organizing committee of this scientific meeting requested this very stylized and simplistic type of art, but were also very concerned about strict adherence to portraying exact characteristics of particular species.


Groundwater Contour map


Groundwater Map


Maps like this were drawn by tracing and compiling information from a number of sources, including GIS, CAD, and aerial photography, and then used in presentations by engineers and environmental consultants.


Nutrient Cycling Diagram


Nutrient Cycling Diagram


Technical diagrams such as this were created from information and sketches provided by scientists, and used to illustrate processes discussed in environmental assessments and impact statements.

neuron pathway diagram


Neuron Pathways


This simplified diagram was done as part of a scientific poster exhibit and illustrates neuron structure and pathways of pain reception.

tigerlily pen and ink illustration

Tiger Lily


This pen and ink illustration was done many years ago, by hand, as a class project. Viewing it on a computer doesn't do it justice, but I have always liked it. Drawing plants was one of the first activities that merged my interests in biology, gardening, nature, and art.



















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