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espanol para todos


Español Para Todos


This spanish language consultant/educator wanted a simple, yet professional logo for her business, and was on a tight budget. I capitalized on the diacritical tilde symbol often seen over the lower case 'ñ' in spanish. We went with a two-sided business card to allow room for a little more information about the services she offers.


bothell natural health


Bothell Natural Health


The spiral logo I created for this naturopathic doctor is based on an ancient Japanese crest design. It suggests a number of ideas, including a holistic approach, and the frequent use of botanical derivatives in the doctor's treatments.


honeymoon stone logo


Honeymoon Stone


The owner of this company will transform a rock collected while a couple is on their honeymoon into an attractive and nostalgic pendant. We decided to use the backside of the card to show some before and after examples.


Tim Hart Magic bc





Tim Hart Magic


This very talented magician wanted a new logo and specifically did not want any top hats, magic wands or other stereotypical images associated with magic. We decided to go with the idea that the 'hand is quicker than the eye'.










Bothell Womens Club logos

Bothell Women's Club


Shown are two logo options I presented to the Bothell Women's Club. The one on the right is more feminine and is meant to suggest the interconnectedness of the women in the club. They chose the one on the left, which is a simple stylized representation of Bothell's landmark bridge.


Gerry Eagle logo


Gerry Eagle RE/MAX


Gerry Eagle had a preference for script typefaces and wanted an image of an eagle to go with her name. I think the angles worked well together.



Chilifest logo




The Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce has started an annual tradition of holding a chili cook-off. This is the logo I created for the event.









snake logo



Snake Logo


This unique logo was created for a scientist that specializes in the study of garter snakes, and particularly their breeding behavior. He requested the Northwest coastal Native American style of art. Note the spiral of tiny snakes in the center.












Olson Design Jewelers logo

Olson Design


This jeweler wanted a simple black and white logo. The typeface I chose has sharp, angular serifs, and a diamond shaped dot on the 'i', that go well with the faceted diamond image that I drew.




HRKinections logo

HR Kinections


Owners of this human resources management firm wanted to use a trillium or three-part celtic knot symbol as part of their logo. I suggested the addition of this tagline for helpful definition of the nature of their business.





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